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A For Apothecary is registered under ACRA UEN53379263X


Our Story

It all started when my younger boy came home from a family vacation with severely dry chapped cheeks. What we thought was flushed cheeks turned out to be a case of windburn - a type of eczema caused by exposure to harsh environments. I tried all kinds of remedies to cure his windburn and discovered the miracle of using pure natural plant oils. Out of frustration, I decided to apply pure cold-pressed coconut oil on his cheeks and bathe him in oat baths just to see 'if it will work'. Lo-and-behold, the redness actually went down at the end of the day! I was simply amazed. Natural ingredients work, just that there isn't enough of such pure skincare products for children out there. 

The products and ingredients are tested and accessed for safety by an independent cosmetics lab in the UK, following strict EU cosmetics skincare regulations. 


Made in small batches to ensure freshness, our products are free from mineral oil, SLS, silicones, PEGs, propylene glycol, parabens, fragrance, and preservatives.


Because I believe in giving only the best for your baby.




Two years of researching gentle yet effective skincare using natural botanical oils and herbs, A For Apothecary is born with the mission to be open & honest with what we put into our skincare products. Our ingredients are sourced from certified organic sources, that promote fair-trade and are cruelty-free. 

Our bestselling Baby Oat Balm with Calendula is handcrafted using the finest natural botanicals such as oat lipid e, calendula extracts, Nilotica East African shea butter, and raw organic centrifuged coconut oil. These wonderful ingredients are proven to soothe dry, irritated skin caused by nappy rash, cradle cap, mild eczema, and common dry skin issues in babies and children.