Our Story

Hi there,

I'm Jingyi, founder of A For Apothecary. In 2018, I started A For Apothecary with a simple mission - to create a 100% natural, zero-nasties, chemical-free, multi-purpose baby balm for babies with sensitive skin. It took me 2 years find the perfect blend of six natural ingredients, 20 different formulation permutations for that famous creamy golden texture and to find ingredients that too, gives back to its community.

In my natural elements - sun, sand & the sea

Jingyi, Founder

Today, our baby balm has helped thousands of babies through their eczema, diaper rashes, cradle caps - even moms with cracked nipples and adult eczema!

As an artisanal skincare, I ensure the formulation went through EU's cosmetic product safety assessment, human (voluntary) clinical trials, obtain necessary safety datas and ensure our suppliers have organic and cruelty free certifications.

When my Baby Balm tests' clinical results were proven to be hypoallergenic, safe on newborns and paediatrician approved, I was really proud to be one of the rare small artisanal skincare labs to have these certifications.

Our product range have grown to include adult skincare following the same ethos - clean, ethical, science backed natural formulations that works wonders for sensitive skin. 

Our Formulation Process

We believe that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. Just like how we age faster if we eat a lot of processed foods over a prolonged period, our skin actually ages faster if we put on skincare laden with preservatives. 

That's why we keep our formulations as clean as possible, only using natural preservatives if necessary. 

I'm always in search of the newest natural science-backed skincare ingredient that's made with a purpose. One that will work wonders on your skin once properly formulated. 

Core Values

Behind each ingredient choosen here at A For Apothecary is very purposeful - they have to be

  • sustainable,
  • environmentally friendly and
  • work down a chain of farmers or suppliers that in turn create jobs.

For example, our coconut oil is sourced from a family run farm in Thailand. I had the opportunity to visit it myself years ago. The owner takes so much pride in ensuring the highest quality of centrifugal cold-pressed coconut oil. He also pays the farmers above market rate wages, not exploiting them of their land. Many of these farmers have families, children to feed and hopefully, by creating a better environment, there's hope for their children to a better education and to fulfil their dreams.

Our nilotica shea butter helps women communities in East Africa put food on the table and gives them a sense of independence. ​Other suppliers for our oat lipids and bath soak have won multiple awards as a sustainable factory and sustainable farming methods. ​I hope by putting more thought and care into what goes behind the chain of people leading up to a product, leading up to you putting it on your skin, you can also be part of this interconnected human chain that creates a better world. To learn to consume with purpose.