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Putting family first in the way we create & formulate our skincare. 

Pure, honest, transparent. 
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Ingredients are sustainably sourced from farm to bottle.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure a supply chain that benefits farmers, women & the earth.

Our clinical trials are tested on human volunteers, never on unwilling animals
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Ingredients we avoid

We have a strict list of ingredients we will never add into our skincare formulation, such as:

Paraffin / Petrolatum




DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine)


PEG / -Glycols



Hi there,


I'm Jingyi, founder of A For Apothecary.


A For Apothecary is founded in 2018 with the ethos: honest, plant-based skincare for sensitive skin. Using natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced from around the world and using the wisdom of traditional apothecary and modern science, lock in the gentlest natural botanicals that work wonders for sensitive skin. 

It's the perfect natural remedy for common baby skin issues such as eczema, dry skin, cradle cap and diaper rashes. Our clean formula gives parents who are seeking out clean skincare for their babies - our products are free from nasties and hormone disruptors - giving your baby the gentlest beginning as you welcome them into your world.

My inspiration behind our first product - the multitasking baby balm was inspired by my second son's cheek eczema when he was 2 years old. Back then, it was difficult to get my hands on steroid-free, natural baby skincare. I tried almost everything until I threw in the towel and applied raw organic coconut oil from the kitchen out of desperation. Amazingly, that stuff worked like magic! My boy's cheek eczema reduced significantly the next day.


This was the start of my journey to search for a blend of natural botanical oils and extracts for a baby balm that not only deeply moisturises and replenishes skin barrier, but is multitasking - parents only need that one jar instead of getting different products for baby. 


My first product - the original Baby Balm - was formulated to be a multitasking baby balm which aims to be a staple product in every nursery. From managing diaper rashes, cradle cap, dry flaky skin, baby acne, insect bites to cracked nipples - this product does it all! 


Our Baby Balm is also clinically tested to be hypoallergenic, safe on newborns and paediatrician approved.


My skincare products are lovingly hand blended in my cozy lab-studio in small batches to ensure freshness of our products. Our lab-studio follows General Manufacturing Practises and is kept clean and sanitised before we start each batch production. 

As a small handcrafted skincare studio, I take utmost care into researching my ingredients - ensuring they are clinically tested (if possible) and has safety data for every batch I order. 

A few other stuff I rarely talk about but feel deeply for are under privileged children and environmental awareness. Behind each ingredient I choose is very purposeful - they have to be sustainable, environmentally friendly and work down a chain of farmers or suppliers that in turn create jobs. Perhaps some of these farmers have families, children to feed and hopefully, by creating a better environment, there's hope for their children to a better education and to fulfil their dreams.

Now that my third son also has eczema, our organic colloidal bathsoak and baby balm helped him manage flare ups since the day he was born. I hope more mamas can get their hands on these amazing products too! 

I hope you will find something you like. Feel free to drop me an email or DM at @aforapothecary if you have any questions.



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