Coconut Bath Scoop
  • Coconut Bath Scoop


    [A collaboration with Karybella Plays]


    Get ready for a splashing good time with our completely natural and organic coconut handy scooper!


    Every year, millions of coconut shells are discarded and burnt after they are harvested, greatly contributing to carbon dioxide and methane emissions. 


    Reclaiming these beautiful coconut shells and repurposing them not only helps to reduce waste, but also eliminate the need to collect new raw materials, which also in turn, helps conserve natural resources. 


    Each shell is given a new life when our specialised hand crafters turned them into these handy scoopers! These scoopers went through an all-natural process of cutting and sanding, and later polished with natural coconut oil. 


    You are doing an awesome gesture for the environment when you opt for our coconut handy scooper for your everyday bath time, water and sand  experiences, or even for your gardening needs. 


    Product Dimension: 

    Handle: 40cm long 

    Diameter of shell varies from 11.5-13cm 


    Care instruction: 

    • Wash with room temperature to lukewarm water. 
    • Dry after use. 
    • Store in cool, dry places. 
    • Polish with coconut oil as often as you like to rehydrated your scooper and restore it’s smooth and shiny finish. 
    • Do not expose to extreme heat. 


    Made in Vietnam

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