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Our Gentle Beginnings Baby Bundle is here to welcome baby into our amazing world. 


To fuel his curiousity, to soak in the warmth of parents' love, to enjoy the feel of a warm bath, sounds of water running down his back & to hear the soothing sound of his mom and dad as they massage him.


To know that they are loved.


This bath and light moisturiser bundle has only 3 ingredients in all - colloidal oats, jojoba oil & oat ceramides!


You won't find another cleaner skincare set than this.


In fact, it's all you need to care for your newborn's delicate sensitive skin.


A newborn baby's skin is very thin, hence more prone to irritation. We use a age-old traditional oat bath, but back it with science by giving you clinically tested pharmaceutical grade colloidal oats that gently cleanses baby's hair, face & body, without stripping it's natural protective skin barrier.


Baby massages after bath helps to soothe baby, promote parental bonding and moisturises baby's skin at the same time.


Our baby massage oil is made from sustainable jojoba oil from the Negev desert, infused with active oat ceramides to help nourish and replenish baby's skin lipids.


Jojoba oil is one of the gentlest baby oils as mimics our natural skin's structure unlike any other plant oils.


As always, our products are free from fragrance, essential oils, mineral oils, parabens and all the unnecessary skin allergy triggers.


Gentle Beginnings Bundle consists of:

1. Colloidal Oat Bathsoak Jar 150gm

2. Baby Massage Oil 100ml

Gentle Beginnings Baby Bundle

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