Mini Sets


Not sure whether to purchase our full size products? 

We have curated two mini sets for you to try them out:


1. Harmony Skincare Mini Set


  • Southern Alps Glacial Clay Colloidal Oat 20g
  • Southern Alps Glacial Clay Norwegian Kelp 20g
  • Rose Glow Elixir 5ml 
  • Mixing Bowl, wooden spoon 


2. Baby Eczema Bundle Relief Set 


  • Colloidal Oat Baby Bathsoak 20g 
  • Baby Balm with active Oat Lipids and Calendula 15ml 


Choose your mini set

    Honest, plant-based skincare for sensitive skin. We use natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced from around the world and using the wisdom of traditional apothecary and modern science, lock in the gentlest natural botanicals that work wonders for sensitive skin. 


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