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Soothe and hydrate sensitive skin with our 100% organic lavender hydrosol. Our certified organic lavender hydrosol (water) comes from a prominent distillery located right in the heart of the French Riviera, surrounded by rich biodiversity. Their unique distillation process enabled them to perform steam distillations at very low temperatures. This ensures most of the lavender's herbal elements are preserved in the hydrosol. This wild lavender is harvested by hand every year in Caussols on the mountains at 1450 meters of altitude. Use it anytime during the day to soothe, rehydrate, calm and refresh dull, tired, dry sensitive skin. For Newborns:Can be used on hair, face, body. This mild lavender hydrosol soothes and hydrates baby skin while the calming scent helps puts your baby into dreamland. A much gentler alternative to essential oil, lavender hydrosol is milder yet just as effective, making it safe to use on all skin types, even newborns. For Adults with sensitive skin:Use it as a face mist / hydrating toner after washing your face. Followed by a moisturizer.We recommend using our Rose Glow Elixir.You can also use it anytime during the day to freshen up and soothe dull tired skin. "I use this as a hydrating face mist before applying Rose Glow Elixir. It soothes & hydrates my dry sensitive skin especially in Singapore's humid weather. I will also spray it on my baby's skin, my pillowcase or my kids' bed linen to help them sleep better at night." Jingyi, Founder A For Apothecary As our Lavender hydrosol does not contain any preservatives, please store them in the fridge and use them as soon as possible.Volume: 50mlIngredients: Certified organic lavandula angustifolla flower water

Organic Wild Lavender Hydrosol

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