Rose Glow Elixir Face Oil
  • Rose Glow Elixir Face Oil


    Skin hormonal imbalance can be due to factors such as pregnancy, diet, stress, lack of sleep or monthly cycles. Symptoms of skin imbalance include over-production of sebum underneath the skin yet the skin surface is dry tight and flaky. This results in inflammation, cystic acne along the jawline, cheeks, and chin as well as dull skin that no amount of concealer can hide. 


    Our face oil is a botanical blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils - Oat Lipid E, Rosehip seed, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula and Rosemary. This fast-absorbing non-greasy face oil nourishes your skin with essential antioxidants, vitamins, omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, and ceramides, leaving you with healthy glowing skin.


    How our Rose Glow Elixir face oil works:


    Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil is very similar to human sebum. This allows our skin to think it has produced enough sebum and hence balances oil production, without promoting ac