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Our Eczema Bundle will soothe, hydrate and protect your baby's delicate natural skin barrier.


Reduces flare ups and skin inflammation using natural oats that are clinically tested to soothe eczema prone skin naturally, this allows parents to avoid steroids on their babies.


1. Colloidal Oat Baby Bath Soak


Clinically proven to reduce redness and skin irritation due to eczema, chickenpox, nappy rash, heat rash, bug bites.


Our advanced organic colloidal oat contains high levels of natural actives such as beta-glucan, avenanthramides, oil and protein due to its unique patented manufacturing process.


It effectively forms a physical barrier on the skin surface to keep skin moisturized and hydrated.


Natural saponins gently cleanse baby skin without stripping its natural protective layer.



Clinically Tested

Cruelty free

Halal Approved Production




Free from allergens


It comes in a reusable jar with a wooden spoon.



Directions: Add 1-2 tablespoons of colloidal oat in a baby bath tub. Using water pressure from the shower head, dissolve the powder using the water pressure and your hands until your desired amount of water level. Bath baby for 10-15 minutes. Ours in a rinse free formula.

Towel dry.

Do not oversoak.


Apply baby oil or baby balm on entire body or on dry areas after the bath to seal in moisture.


2. Baby Balm with Active Oat Lipids and Calendula


Our original, 100% natural, multitasking baby balm will revolutionise your parenthood adventures.


Soothe diaper barrier balm, soften cradle caps, mild rashes, eczema, baby acne, moisturise dry skin and even as a nipple balm!


Jojoba & coconut oil moisturises skin while oat lipids replenishes lost skin lipids and protects baby's delicate skin barrier from environmental stressors. Nilotica shea butter & calendula extracts deeply moisturises while delivering anti-oxidants to baby's skin. Organic beeswax forms a natural breathable barrier while sealing in moisture.


Chock full of antioxidants, vitamins A & E, skin-repairing ceramides, linoleic acids, lipids, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.


This creamy oil-based balm applies smoothly and absorbs without leaving any oily residue.


Clinically tested


Paediatrician approved

Zero mineral oil

Zero preservatives


Steroid free



Safe for newborns




Directions: Apply a thin layer onto the baby's face, body, or bottom after a shower or as needed.


Eczema Relief Bundle

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