Founders Keepers Series: Meet Germaine, Founder of Local Sunscreen Label Lil' Giant

Founders Keepers Series: Meet Germaine, Founder of Local Sunscreen Label Lil' Giant

Written by Jasmine

As we emerge out of the circuit breaker, we seek to reconnect with some like-minded female entrepreneurs and Germaine of Lil’ Giants was definitely one of the first we reached out to. Lil’ Giants firmly believes in bringing a protective product for our little ones, made out of natural ingredients that are good for their delicate skin and fearless hearts.

Plus, ingredients that are non-toxic to our environment as well. So much goodness in their power packed products! We speak to her to find out about how the Circuit Breaker was for her and her little ones and to learn more.

Hi Germaine!

What is one thing you are thankful for during the circuit breaker period.

 The opportunity to spend time with the family and children.

In this interesting time, what is one value you have held close to your heart and hope to impart to your children? 

In relation to Covid-19, Mother Nature is telling us that enough is enough. We need to take care of planet Earth for our future generations.

Your products are rooted in ensuring that our children have the opportunity to experience this world in all its beauty. What at-home adventures have you been up to with your children to still bring them the same sense of wonder?

Some DIY crafts, science projects, make-believe and sensory play. Kids do as parents do. My kids follow my routine in home workouts, going on cycling and jogging pursuits. 

Sounds interacting with nature is a thing for you. What does natural beauty means to you?

Natural beauty is imperfection. We think about natural beauty not simply in a cosmetic sense, but beauty as it affects the entire human body, both inside and out. As a manufacturer of sunscreens, we are aware of how mixtures of certain wholesome ingredients can look “off” or uneven. But we know this appearance of the final product will likely not sell as well as it looks different to what consumers are normally used to.

Take for example, something simple and familiar like peanut butter. People are used to consuming peanut butter that has a consistent brown creamy texture. However, people are not aware that commercially produced peanut butter has added hydrogenated oils. The purpose of said oils, disguised in the name of vegetable oil / cottonseed oil / rapeseed oil,  lends the peanut butter a longer shelf life and enhancing the spreading experience.


But consuming hydrogenated oils, as we all know, is bad for human health. The only oil one should be seeing is the oil from peanuts and nothing else. Along the aisles of grocers you may be able to spot less known brands of peanut butter that do not own the creamy consistency that most commercial peanut butters flaunt. Instead what you see will be a layer of very thick oil sitting at the top of the product. This is likely to be oil from the peanuts, the natural crowning glory of pure peanut butter but not what consumers are used to buying. So what we are trying to convey is that products that contain natural ingredients may not always have the best aesthetic appearance, but that does not make it synonymous with poor quality. 

Why do natural ingredients matter?

It matters because that’s what the human body is designed and engineered for. It responds best to natural ingredients. 

Of all the ingredients in your products, which one is your favourite and why?  


There is no particular favourite because there is no single ingredient that can function independently to serve the purpose of premium quality suncare protection. We have very high expectations of our suncare products. We aim to equip every family with quality sunscreen protection and suncare knowledge because the reality of sun and UV damage is very real. Every household needs Lil’ Giants because natural, environmentally-friendly sun protection is essential.

Every ingredient that we have thoughtfully curated to be a part of our sunscreen collection serves its own purpose. On a parallel level, this is also very clearly seen in our current Covid-19 situation, both on a national level and a global level.


We are not independent of each other. Everyone has to do their part to contain the virus.

As we ease into our new normal, what is one activity you are going to embark on with your littles?  

I would love to get our hands dirty and roll our sleeves up to grow our own vegetables. 

So much relatable wisdom! We are sure many fellow parents can relate to Germaine’s thoughts about protecting our littles sensitive skin and preserving the natural environment for future generations. Thanks for your time, Germaine!

For more information The Lil’ Giants and its mineral sunscreen range, visit their website ( and give them a follow on Instagram (@thelilgiants)


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