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Pastel Pink Objects

Find Your Aura

Suffering from skin sensitivity, acne, dryness, pigmentation? It means your skin's microbiome needs a reset.  

Rebalance your skin microbiome & repair skin barrier for a glowy aura! 

Pastel Pink Objects
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    Award winning Baby Balm, a must have for your nursery


    Herbal remedy for your whole family against insect bites, minor cuts & bruises


    Anti stretch mark tummy & body oil that moisturises replenishes skin ceramides

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    This fast-absorbing non-greasy face oil nourishes your skin with essential antioxidants, vitamins, omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, and ceramides, leaving you with healthy glowing skin.


    We folks at AFA have created this lightweight plant based all natural cleansing oil that does not require double cleansing. Suitable for all skin types.


    Created because of our insane obsession for clean conscious makeup that makes us look like ourselves but BETTER. Pigmented only with natural minerals & plants!

  • Nourishment Gift Set _ Newborn Gift Set collaboration 1.jpg

    We're pleased to partner with WRiceWine again to bring to you one of the best gift-collaboration to accompany new mothers in their amazing journey into motherhood. 


    One of the best gifts is a gentle start to life.


    Our Eczema Bundle will soothe, hydrate and protect your baby's delicate natural skin barrier.

Shadow on the Wall
Pastel Pink Objects
Needed it (Baby Balm) urgently for my kid and glad that it arrived fast! Effective too. Dry flaky skin on LO’s face and brows disappear after 1-2 application.
Pastel Pink Objects
Recommended by a friend and it (Boo Boo Balm) resolves my child's insect bites really quickly compared to other medication.
Pastel Pink Objects
Pinot Noir just reached in time for my road trip. I would nvr apply any lipstick/balm for years due to my lip ezcema. I hv applied this lip balm for whole day yesterday and my ezcema didnt flare up! Thank you for saving my lips and give some colour after so many years!
Light and Shadow





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Light and Shadow

All beauty should be clean beauty.
It's just that simple.

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