IVF and Motherhood Journey

IVF and Motherhood Journey

Our amazing mama, Grace shared her fertility story with us. We hope mamas who are going through similar journey know that you’re not alone ❤️


My journey to motherhood wasn’t an easy one.

I never knew I would struggle with infertility. My periods were always so regular and I never imagined that I would need assisted reproductive therapy (ART). I never knew I would be the 1 in 8.


To cut the long story short, I lost one ovary due to an ovarian cyst. I had endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, and the only fallopian tube left was blocked. I tried TCM (herbs and acupuncture), surgery to unblock the tubes, tracked my basal temperature, used ovulation test kits. I even tried forgetting about trying!


I received countless of advice from people: put your legs up, check for egg white discharge, take TCM herbs, lose weight, change your diet, take this supplement, don’t think about trying, go for a holiday, don’t be stressed... Yes, I tried it all.


We prayed every month for some miracle to happen, but nothing happened and it just got so discouraging. Sometimes, it would get very upsetting to see how others can conceive so easily. Age was also catching up and it added to the stress.


When I found out that my tube was blocked, I was told that to increase my chances I should try IVF. I was initially rather against IVF, but I told myself I needed to try. Maybe this was what I needed, maybe my journey is different from others and I shouldn't compare myself with others. Did it mean that I was trusting God less? No way!


Every single step in the IVF journey was a test of faith. Sometimes I would get so tired of waiting or being tested each time. I wished so hard that the process would be quick and fuss-free. I wished I didn't have to spend so much money (I chose to go private so that it’ll be faster). I hated “wasting” money too and it was a huge risk because IvF doesn’t guarantee you a baby. It was tough dealing with the disappointment of a failed cycle and also lonely because it feels that only people who have gone through the same journey can really emphasize and understand how you feel.


Throughout this journey, I told myself to be thankful for a few things. One, I still had eggs despite having only one ovary. I know of many others who have low ovarian reserve. Two, having a very supportive husband (he did all my jabs accompanied me for all appointments). Three, having a community of close friends/colleagues/support group to go through this journey with.


I count myself blessed, in my second frozen embryo cycle (FET), I had a viable pregnancy and gave birth to my daughter. 2 years later , I did another round of ivf and had my son from a fresh transfer. In total I had gone through 2 stimulation cycles and 4 transfers.


I also want to give a shout-out to @fertilitysupport.sg ; A non profit group driven entirely by women who have suffered/continue to suffer from infertility and infertility treatments. A very informative platform which I found very encouraging as I went through my journey.


With love,



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