Why We Don't Do Massive Sales

Why We Don't Do Massive Sales


One common question we get is "When is your next sale coming?" "Do you have any great discounts on 11.11?"


Yes we do have some discounts but we do not have massive sales that goes up to 25% off or 50% off items.




First of all, we value the ideal of producing on demand ie small production capability.

This means we seldom have wastage in production resulting in leftover inventory we want to clear via sales. We bring in small quantities of fresh ingredients, make a small production that gets sold out within 1-2 months. Then we start the production all over again.

Once in a blue moon, you can catch very small stocks that have been returned from stockists that are nearing expiration date, which we sell at a huge discount. However, we have been streamlining our stockists to make sure this seldom happens. First, stocks nearing their expiration dates, like bread, are not as effective as fresh ones. Which is why I don't encourage stocking up too many of our products too, unless needed to be used regularly. For non-sale seasons, we have been consistently giving out 8% discounts for our customers, rewards, perks and extra samples.


However, I understand the hype that goes around a big sale season. Everyone eagerly waiting to save some money. I do the same too! Especially so when raising children puts a strain on our wallets. Secretly, I do enjoy joining the sale season hype to help mommies save some money on purchases!

For this upcoming 11.11, we are having 11% off all our products from 10 - 12 November. Remember to use <afa1111> at checkout!


Love & God Bless,

Jingyi @thecuriouswonders





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