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Rose Glow Elixir

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Skin hormonal imbalance can be due to factors such as pregnancy, diet, stress, lack of sleep or monthly cycles. Symptoms of skin imbalance include over-production of sebum underneath the skin yet the skin surface is dry tight and flaky. This results in inflammation, cystic acne along the jawline, cheeks, and chin as well as dull skin that no amount of concealer can hide. 

Our face oil is a botanical blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils - Oat Lipid E, Rosehip seed, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula and Rosemary. This fast-absorbing non-greasy face oil nourishes your skin with essential antioxidants, vitamins, omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, and ceramides, leaving you with healthy glowing skin.

Key ingredients

Jojoba Oil:
Jojoba oil is very similar to human sebum. This allows our skin to think it has produced enough sebum and hence balances oil production, without promoting acne or other skin problems. Jojoba also naturally deters microbes, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria. It deeply penetrates to soothe and soften while providing an excellent moisturising effect and adding a healthy glow, while being very gentle for those with sensitive skin.

Oat Lipids:
This Ecocert certified organic oat oil won the 2015 BSB Innovation award in the category ‘most functional product’. It is a superior, rich, natural oat oil with a unique lipid profile that balances the skin’s oil levels.

Moisture regulating ceramides present in this oil form a protective, waterproof layer that prevents moisture loss. Ceramide production decreases as we age, leading to dryness and wrinkles. The high concentrations of vitamin E and linoleic acid in oat oil counteracts this process externally by restoring the skin’s moisture balance. It soothes and heals the skin, ensuring fewer spots, blackheads, and small scars.

It is hypoallergenic and gluten-free.

Sea Buckthorn Extract:
Sometimes referred to as the holy fruit of the Himalayas, sea buckthorn offers a multitude of benefits for your skin.

Wonderful for those with dry or mature skin, Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in Vitamin E which deeply hydrates and plumps, helping the skin to maintain optimum moisture.Its host of vitamins and carotenoids also makes Sea Buckthorn Oil a protective and preventative ingredient.

Protecting the skin against environmental aggressors, pollution and free radicals, sea buckthorn work to slow down skin sagging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles to prevent premature skin ageing.

Rosehip Seed Extract:
Used by ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Native Americans for its skin-clearing and general healing properties, Rosehip Seed Oil remains just as popular today as it was centuries ago.

Containing beta-carotene and retinoic acid, this versatile oil keeps skin soft and supple, while reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars.

Calendula Extract:
Calendula oil aids in stimulating collagen production which will make your skin more flexible and resilient to environment aggressors. Calendula oil also increases the hydration within the skin, which makes your skin more glowy and fresh.

Rosemary Extract:
Rosemary is known to reduce the inflammation and improves skin circulation to give you glowing skin. Additionally, it fights against sun damage and free radical damage and tightens your skin to combat signs of aging.

How to use

Use on clean face. After your toner/face mist (we recommend our Lavender Top to Toe Spray), warm up 3-5 drops of oil in the palms of your hands. Gently massage the oils onto your face and neck. Can be used day and night. For day time, apply before your sunscreen.

Full ingredients list

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Rosa Canina (Rose hip) seed extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract

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Rose Glow Elixir
Rose Glow Elixir
Rose Glow Elixir
Rose Glow Elixir


How Clean Are Your Formulations?

We strive to source our ingredients that's certified organic and natural, approved under EU's cosmetic standards.

Our policy is 100% transparency in our formulations, giving you our full ingredient list with nothing to hide.

Will Your Products Work For Me?

As with all skincare, it does not work with 100% of the world's population as our skin is unique, with it's own unique preferences and microbiome balance.

However, we do understand skin science. Our products are formulated to work on sensitive skin. Through clinical trails, 8 out of 10 came back with positive results.

We do sell travel sizes which is great way to try out our products with minimal commitment.

What Is The One Product You Will Recommend?

For adults looking to improve their skin condition, I'll 100% recommend our Aura Serum. It's a wonderful compliment to your existing skincare routine. Aura helps balance your skin microbiome, restoring skin's healthy barrier.

For kids & babies, our Multitasking Baby Balm is trusted & loved by Moms. Whether it's eczema, rashes, cradle cap, diaper rash, it works gently and wonderfully to soothe skin. Gentle to apply from head to toe! The perfect multitasker for your nursery.

AFA Promise

  • Sustainably Sourced

    From women-led communities to small farms to ethically processed ingredients, we make sure our ingredienst are ethically sourced.

  • Zero Nasties

    No nasty stuff that are flagged by EU Cosmetic Standards, the highest standard in the world. As of today more than 2000 skincare ingredients are banned by EU Cosmetic Regulations.

  • 100% Transparency

    All our ingredients are fully listed. We have nothing to hide.

  • Made with love

    Our skincare are made in-house. Which means we do not out source our production. This gives us full control over our ingredient source and formulation process.